Between the world of sure and unsure

Between the world of here and there

Between the world of now and before

We are always in the space of ‘between’

Trying to find ourselves

I have many ‘between’ spaces right now and I’m trying to figure them out so I’ll be away from my blog for few weeks. I’m still on Instagram, just in case you miss my photos.

Have a wonderful time and for sure I’ll miss you!

Dear May

Dear May, let the silence and contemplation take over

More being than doing


Thinking and Feeling

The path is ready

Everything is set

Silence and Solitude

Create and Inspire

Be plenty

Let the things be as they please

Simplicity and Moment




My birthday was yesterday, I had a wonderful day because recently I’ve learned that to be content and happy depend only on myself, the way I accept and understand what is offered to me. I’ve read, not sure where, that we only find the enemy when we are looking for it; so I’ve decided to look for the best in everyone and all the situations. I don’t want to find a enemy,  I’ll not look for it.

When my son called me at work yesterday afternoon and asked  me if I could buy my own cake and flowers, because daddy was to busy to do it, I said a big YES, I can do it! I bought myself a beautiful cake and gorgeous flowers and arrived at home happy with a big smile. If this had happened last year, probably it had ended my day, I’d be mad, fighting with my hubby, and making a hell for everyone.

I don’t know exactly when I’ve changed, I believe it’s a gradual process. When I woke up hubby and kids gave me this beautiful card and a mall gift card, so I could buy my own gift! YES, I can do it! I’ve never liked ‘gift cards’, I wanted a real gift, not money, I wanted an expensive gift; something that I could show off to my friends, like ‘do you see how I’m worth to them?”. No more, I don’t need a gift or expensive dinners to know that I’m worth. I ordered this pocket size journal few days ago, it arrived just on time for my birthday, so this is my gift to myself this year, another year I’d buy myself an expensive gift, like a new computer, a phone, spend the day in a luxury spa, and at the end of the day I’d be stressed, tired, and a big hole in my wallet.

I had a beautiful dream with my mother this week, long time I hadn’t dreamed with her, it was a lovely surprised, I could see her, feel her close to me. I tried to understand why she had visited me now and I realized that it was close to my birthday and she gave me this precious gift of her visit. My father called me early in the morning wishing happy birthday, and my relatives and friends called and sent me messages during all the day.

My youngest son made me this cute card


And until Google sent me birthday wishes


I’ve learned that the happiness is inside myself and can’t be found elsewhere.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend my friends.

Nurturing Thursday: Morning Joy

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,

deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

Self care and self love are always left for later: when we are done with our daily chores, when we are done to take care of others, when we are done at work, when we are done with this and that. At the end of the day we don’t have time, inspiration or mood to do anything for ourselves.

I always thought to have a ‘me’ time as a routine, habit. Something I’ll do everyday only for myself. But I’ve never set my mind into it. I’ve joining a new IG challenge from the lovely @ellenluna; it’s #A100DAYPROJECT, as you can imagine it’s a creative challenge we will take over for 100 days. We create our own project and one hashtag for it and post a photo of the project each day. I’ve never joined a long challenge like this one, so I decided to give it a try.

My creative challenge consists in writing every morning for few minutes during my coffee/tea time, and take a photo of my journal and my mug to post on IG. This is my ‘me’ time squeezed between the hush of getting the kids/hubby ready for school/work and myself ready for work. The hashtag for my project is #100daysofmorningjoy (100 days of morning joy).

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy,

care enough about it yourself to make room for it in your life.” Jean Shinoda Bohen

I’m enjoying this challenge so much that I made a challenge tracker, so I can keep up with the right days on the posts and see my progress.


Here are 2 of my photos, you can check more on IG @teandpaper.

I’m feeling good working with things that I love, like my journals and photography.

And you, do you have a self care routine? Remember you can always start your 100 days project and maybe it will become a routine for you, and you keep up with it forever.

Sharing with Becca’s Nurturing Thursday.

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Season

Season is the prompt for Hugh’s challenge this week. Dandelion season is on here in Canada right now.

I love all the yellow fields, it’s like I’m walking on a yellow carpet. As you can see I still have my boots and scarf on, it’s cold but the mornings are gorgeous with sunshine and crisp air. These tiny little flowers are so pretty, have you looked careful at them? Some people say they are weeds and hate them. I don’t understand how they can hate such a beautiful gift from nature.


A close up for you, and I have matching nails!

Check Hugh’s blog for more gorgeous photos!

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Group

Group is the prompt for Hugh’s challenge this week. As you know I like solitude, I don’t like being together with lots of people, so group isn’t my thing.


I’ve  chosen birds group, they always seems so peaceful when together, they form a group but we can feel that each one of them has its own space, its own solitude moment.

Hope you enjoy my pics, I took the top photo close to my home, we have lots of Canadian geese all year around here, and the bottom one I took last some while visiting a Zoo in USA.

Have a great weekend!