Gratitude :: 3

I had a great day yesterday after a bad week at work. I was betrayed by someone close to me, someone that I’ve always helped. I can’t understand the behaviour of certain people, so it’s better to let go. When Friday evening finally arrived I decided to put eveything behind, I wore my flip flops and enjoyed few moments in the garden.


Looking at the flowers, smelling the wet grass, hearing my kids laughing and hubby complaining about all the bees around his beer. These things are the important stuff in my life. I’ll not bring work problems inside my home.

I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise Saturday morning and decided that it would be my day of relaxing and creativity, between taking care of housework and kids.


I went to my studio after the breakfast, lit a candle and wrote on my journal for few minutes, I made card to remind me that I need to reframe some things, to take advantage of this new season and set barriers to things/people that hurt me.


I stopped at the library in the way to the grocery shopping in the afternoon, browsing around I found this book, it was there waiting for me. Do you know when something happens and you have the feeling that it was the universe that arranjed it? Yes, I had this feeling when I saw this book.


On the way back, I stopped at the McDonalds and got a Pumpkin spice latte to bring home. My first one of the season, it was delicious!

I made hot dogs for supper and enjoyed an Art party on Instagram, Autumn art party from 7 to 9 pm. We had 4 prompts during this time, and we made our art pages, posted a photo and enjoy ourselves. This was the second time I joined this kind of party. Lots of fun! Here are the pages I made for yesterday’s party.

The prompts were: Friendship, leaves, portal and circles.

Happiness is in the simplicity, little things that we appreciate and enjoy each day.

Hope you enjoyed my gratitude post and have a wonderful Sunday!

Nurturing Thursday: Autumn

First day of Autumn!

I’m ready for it, I’m ready for the beautiful colours, for the crisp air, cozy sweaters and jeans, pumpkin latte and pumpkin pie.

It’s a time for changes, it’s a time to decide what we should keep and what we should let go.

And you? Are you ready for the changes of the new season? Autumn or Spring depending on which gorgeous place of this Earth you are at the moment.

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Nurturing Thursday: secret garden

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. ” – Etty Hillesum

This bench is in my ‘secret garden’ on Campus. I’ll sit there for few minutes during my lunch break and relax a little bit, this is my gift to myself today!

And you? What will be your treat to yourself today?

Have a wonderful Thursday my friends, and remember to take care of yourself.

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Gratitude :: 1

Sunshine, shades, crisp air, silence

morning, morning

I’m starting a series of gratitude posts. A photo and few words to help me focus on the little things that most of the time we are so busy to stop and appreciate.

Hope you will be inspired and pay attention to the simple and beautiful things around you too.

Happy Monday!

WPC – Olympic Edge

One of my summer adventures was to go to the Olympics in Rio, Brazil. I had a wonderful time down there. A beautiful country, delicious food, and the Olympic games were great. These swimmers are on the edge, not only the edge of the pool, but the edge of their dreams and strength.

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Art cards

I made these cards yesterday. Outgoing mail, I’m sending them far away to 4 different countries. I’ve worked on many projects during this time I was away from blogging. I’ve discovered few things about myself. One of them it’s that I love to make tiny and messy art. I’ve always loved abstract painting, the feelings hidden between the colours and forms. I never thought that I could express myself this way, a disorganized way like my own feelings most of the time.

Hope you like them. Have a great week!