Last weekend was a little warm, still freezing temperatures, but I went for a long walk and I saw this sculpture on my way: a graceful naked lady. I didn’t read the plaque to know the meaning of this sculpture for the park, I was freezing!  Next time I go that way I should take a blanket with me to keep her warm..  🙂


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Nurturing Thursday: winter blues



Simplicity is not about deprivation, but about creating a space for living – Unknown

Depression rate is at its peak this week. I can feel it in my bones. Only a tiny line divides the health and the depressed mind, not easy to keep the balance. Take care! I’m focusing on simplicity, paying attention to the beauty around me and being grateful, to keep my balance.

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Be safe and have a great day!


Monday Musings: Rio abajo Rio


“Always behind the actions of writing, painting, thinking, healing, doing, cooking, talking, smiling, making, is the river, the Rio Abajo Rio; the river nourishes everything we make” – Women who run with the wolves

You know that this book is my favourite book of all times. I always go back to it when I need an inspiration or guidance. Recently I haven’t been sure about my creative process, I want to do many things, but I feel the urge to focus on one point only, to strength it up. I know I’ll have to let go of other stuff and  I’m not sure if it will be the best right now.

After reading few pages of this book, I realized I needed fresh air, I needed to be in contact with nature. The weather was nice yesterday, still cold, but some of the snow has melted, and I could reach the river easly. I went without cloves, I needed to feel the cold in my bones, to feel my body, feel that I’m here, I’m strong, no wind will blow me away. It was a great feeling, I love it. My hands were literally frozen when I got back home, I had to warm them up before doing anything else, but it was worth  :)!

Have a lovely week!



“To experience peace does not mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life. “ Jill Bolte Taylor

I’ve been busy, many things to do, juggling here and there. I know that I need to stop, breathe and listen (my little mantra) from time to time.

A hot cup of coffee in my hands and watching the sunrise is blissful moment early morning. It’s short, maybe 5 to 10 min but enough for me to focus on my body and my needs for that moment before the hurry and craziness of the day start.

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Happy 1st Nurturing Thursday of 2017!

New Year, New Challenges! I’ve joined #DrawRiotDaily on Instagram: one tiny art page per day during the year. First I thought it will be great to practice with watercolour and nice drawings. For the first day I drew this flower using watercolour. I posted it, lots of likes and nice comments. But I hated it, I didn’t like the white background, the lines, the shape, nothing about it, except the colours. It’s too perfect and organized. I decided then that the next pages would be ‘messy art’ , I like layers, mixing colours, abstract art, pages that don’t show a image, but show a feeling. Here are the next pages:


Today’s prompt is light, I had already an idea how to do it: a feather, because feathers remind me of lightness, freedom, flying , and a page of a book, since reading make me feel light and free as well. I came across this article in the Flow Magazine, an article about art journal, the last sentences called my attention, and only then I could understand why I didn’t like that first page.


I want my art journal pages be free, no controlling, no perfection, I don’t want to worry about details, but I want to show the big picture, as I said before my feelings. It’s exactly the opposite of my life, where I need to have everything under control and be perfect. I usually punish myself when something goes out of my control, I hurt my soul and sometimes my body because I can’t fix the situation or the mistake.

I’m trying to let go of the perfection for many years. I’m much better now, but I have a long path ahead, for sure my journaling practice is helping me.

And you? Are you joining any challenges this year?

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Art journal pages

If you are following me for long you know how much I love journaling and art journaling. Yesterday I shared on IG a video with few pages of one of my journals, lots of people liked it and said they were inspired by my pages. So, i’m sharing the video with you too.

Hope you have enjoyed it.


happy 2017

hello my dear friends,

wishing you all the best in this new year. i’m starting 2017 writing in my new journal with a new pen, both christmas gifts from my family. it’s a sunny but cold day here in eastern canada. hubby and kids are busy doing her own things and i’ve the silence and solitude necessary to organize ideas for the new year.

i’ve changed a lot since i started being part of this online world, i’ve made many friends and learned many things. i started blogging and instagram posting at the end of 2013, and each year i choose a word to focus on:

2014 – magic, 2015 – reveal, 2016 – flow

it is a tiny gesture but it has helped to step out of my comfort zone and changed myself to be a better person to me.

for 2017 my word is ‘brave’

i don’t mean ‘brave’ to swim accross atlantic ocean or to write a book, but be brave for change tiny things in my life. be brave for wearing clothes and jewelry i dont’ wear because i’m saving them for a special occasion, be brave to say ‘no’ when i don’t agree or don’t want something, be brave to fight for what i need and like, be brave to laugh more and to cry more when necessary, be brave to show my emotions. be brave to be myself!

i made this frame with my 2017 word and i’ve it on my studio wall as a reminder that my choice for this year is ‘to be brave’.

and you? word or resolution for the new year?

love and hugs


Find your balance

“Don’t forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else.” 

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

I’m at home this week, the University is closed for the holidays. Instead of taking easy and relaxing I decided to clean up and organize all the house. Since Monday I’m cleaning, more I clean more things show up that need to be cleaned and organized.

Yesterday afternoon I was exhausted, but I still wanted to organized a little bit my studio, only few touch ups. But I looked at my journal I couldn’t resist, I had to put few words together, they came up perfectly, I needed to find balance.

Stop; Breathe; Listen – my mantra,  I hadn’t paid attention to it these days. Yesterday I said: It’s enough, everything is more than perfect around here. I don’t need to clean and clean. So after my journaling time I went to the library, got 2 great books and today I’m enjoy the holidays reading and writing and making notes.


And you? Are you taking easy these last days of the year?

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