Happy August my dear friends!

More one month ahead, the year is going by fast and summer is almost over. I’m trying to slow down and enjoy each moment, I don’t want to hurry and miss things that I like, that I need. Photography is one of them. I want to be better at it, I want to use my camera to capture my feelings and moments, not only what I see and find beautiful.

This is my second year joining the August Break Instagram challenge, one photo each day following a word posted by the lovely Susannah Conway. It’s a way to make sure I take at least one photo per day, trying my best to have a great photo. Lots of photographs participate in this challenge, I enjoy to see all the photos and learn from them.


I am joining another photography Instagram challenge as well, a more technical one. I need to learn more skills, play more with the camera, and this one seems great for it.  I’ll post more about it  later.

There is still time to join August Break, I’d love to see your photos there. Have a wonderful August!

Summer moments 2


This week has been exactly the opposite of last week (vacation). Busy, busy, many meetings and stuff to catch up. But one thing I am doing for sure is take my full hour of lunch time, going outside and admiring the flowers. They are here now, in few weeks they will be done.

The University campus has wonderful gardens, we can find beautiful flowers and trees in almost every corner, depend on us to stop and enjoy.


Hope you have a wonderful Friday and some time to smell the flowes around you.

Vacation Photos

Here are few pics from my vacation in Florida last week

I woke up early to see the sunrise


drinking my coffee and reading, no hurry, starting the day slowly, enjoying each moment



I spent the day in the water: beach or pool, and I gave few hours of vacation to my iPhone as well, so no photos during the day.

I love to look at the clouds, and Florida has lots of gorgeous clouds, so I took many photos of them




The food was delicious, and I had many wonderful desserts, my favourite part of any meal.



I hope you enjoy the photos, and for sure Florida is a great place to have a vacation.




Monday Musings: Blogging

When I started to blog almost two years ago my intention was to have a place to relax, make friends, and post beautiful photos and nice words. Up to now I’ve made lovely friends and most of my posts have beautiful photos and words.

But blogging isn’t a relaxing task. If you want to keep your community and make more friends you need to answer comments, comment on others posts and join many challenges. I have a 9 to 5 (sometimes 8 to 6) job and others projects that I would like to have more time to work on, like my art journals and writing. So sometimes blogging becomes a stressful task!

But I really love to read and comment on posts; I love to receive comments on my posts, and I really need this space to express myself.

When something is not working we need to make changes. Here are my changes in relation to the blog world:

– Few posts, at least one per week.

– No more challenges.

– Answer the comments on my posts during lunch time.

– Set few hours a week to visit and comment on my friends posts.

I hope these changes will make me more relaxed and blogging more enjoyable. Don’t worry if you don’t see my answer to your comment or my comment on your posts immediately, I’ll eventually catch up.

Have a great week!

Nurturing Thursday: wise

IMG_8481When many words are said

we need to be wise

to choose the ones to keep.

Today I have a meeting and I know lots of people will say things that they shouldn’t say, will ask questions they shouldn’t ask. I’m keeping this card by my agenda, so I can be reminded to “be wise”.

Sharing with my little card and my tiny poem with Nurturing Thursday.

Have a great Thursday and BE WISE!