Haiku: promise and gift


promises and gifts
blazed passion in summer nights
vanishing in fall


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction



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Nurturing Thursday: Garden

IMG_5964“One early morning in the garden I picked a flower

the Gardener suddenly appeared and I panicked.

“Why worry about a flower, when I have

given you the entire Garden!”

Rumi’s Little Book of Life

Rumi’s poem for Becca’s Nurturing Thursday.

Last night I opened my little book and this beautiful poem was there. I had spent the afternoon in the doctor’s office with pain in the right side of my face. First I thought it was ear infection, but later the doctor said it is inflammation not in my ear but in my jawbone, I’ve never heard of this before! The rest of the day and evening I was worried thinking “how, why, will I get better….?” many questions.

This little poem was the answer for my questions. Not exactly the answers, but I sign that I should not worry much.

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Friday Fictioneers: Blue Glass


(copyright Douglas MacIlroy)

Blue glass bottles, shells and a big box, too much time to collect all these stuff. I need to hurry now, almost time, should be going!

Everything in the box, now I’ll add sand to make it heavy, heavy enough to go down and reach the bottom. It’s past 6, the party will start soon; they have party everyday!

I’m sure they will love the gifts and let me get close to them. They will see I’m very smart, and maybe ask me to live down there with them. I can’t wait!

Mommy said mermaids love blue glass and shells.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colors



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Haiku: Shine and Potential

haiku oct 13


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Thanksgiving Day (Canada)


It’s raining outside, cozy inside

Holiday in Canada

Good day to be at home

Making a gratitude list

Cooking yummy dishes

Happy Thanksgiving!

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