This pomegranate is huge, almost 2 lbs, I bought it at the farmer’s market yesterday.


Here is hubby taking the seeds out. It’s is job! We add some salt and eat the seeds right way, or I add them to salads, yogurt….. Lots of vitamin C and K in them.

There are several stories about pomegranates, I like 2 of them: Some people say it was a pomegranate that Eve gave to Adam not an apple in the paradise, and the another story tells  that inside each pomegranate there is one seed coming directly from heaven, and who eats this special seed will have good health for many years.

And you, do you like pomegranates? or  have a story to tell about them?  I’d love to know!






Nurturing Thursday: Imperfection


Today I’d like to share my imperfect art (the kind I like most), and a little bit of “Stitches” from Anne Lamott’s book:

“Beauty is a miracle of things going together imperfectly”

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