Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself


What has this boat brought to her?

A lover to warm her cold nights

A murder to end her suffering

Flowers to make her happy

Stones be thrown at her

Food to feed her body

Poetry to feed her mind

Plague to make her sick

Promises to give her dreams

Horror to give her nightmares

 She doesn’t care

She will push off this boat

She will go away forever

Away from the misery

Away from the despair

In the middle of the ocean

Under the moonlight

She will find herself

An old boat

A new start

For an old soul

Expressing through painting and poetry for WPC



red bench


in the middle of the whiteness

a red bench is

 waiting for you

sit and relax

break the chain with the past

be ready to write on the

white pages of the future

Have a great Thursday everyone, I’ll sit on this bench, but only when the beautiful spring arrives. This post is for Nurturing Thursday, please see Becca’s blog for more lovely messages.