Raining evening

Raining evening, boys out to the movies, and I’m alone. Nothing better than to spend some time on art journaling. I’ve done 3 pieces up to now. Cutting, gluing, thinking,…. enjoying!  I’m taking this week off from work, a “staycation”: a time to be at home planing a real vacation, cooking yummy meals for the kids, school shopping, cleaning up the house, putting a lot of stuff away, organizing papers and much more. Busy week ahead, but of course blogging a lot. Very soon I’ll post my 100th post. I’m planning something special for it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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Have a great week!


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Silent Sunday: 07.27.14


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Nature and Hafiz

Yesterday I arrived at home from work around 5:30 pm; working since 9 am without lunch break. I was so tired and dreaming of taking a rest before preparing dinner. As soon as I opened the front door my son shouted “I have soccer game now!” I couldn’t believe in what I’ve heard.  The only word that came to my mind was NOOOOOO! But I had a deep breath and said smiling “ Great!”


The day was beautiful, the sun starting to set and the grass below my feet was cool and soft. I took off my slippers and let my feet rest on the grass.


I let go of all the trouble I had during the day and let Nature show off its power. In few minutes I was completed rested, and ready to run a marathon if necessary. Nature had blessed me with Earth and Sun energy. Nature is always present, ready for us, but we need to be ready for it.

After dinner I opened Hafiz poetry book and this poem was there waiting for me.

Hafiz poem


We can see all the connections when we are ready.

Have a great weekend!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’


Summer Lovin’ : Life is everywhere, Nature is in charge!

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One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua


During the day I looked everywhere trying to find something “aqua” colour and I didn’t find.  Brushing my teeth, now in the evening, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my aqua earrings. All day they were so close to me and I didn’t see them, I was looking elsewhere.  Finally I have my “aqua” for Jenny’s challenge.

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Wordless Wednesday: Beach


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire or Season of Summer

Fire on the beach

Hot evening yesterday, I went to the beach and found some fire there for Cee’s challenge this week.

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