Nurturing Thursday: New old or Old new

I keep this notebook by my laptop, I use it to make notes related to passwords, blog stuff, bills to pay…, things that I should remember and my mind isn’t holding anymore. The problem is that my kids make a mess with it, they get a pen and start to write on the cover, drawing horror creatures and other boys stuff. So instead of replacing the notebook (knowing my kids are always around ready to express their art)  I decided to do a notebook make-up on its ugly cover. And to prevent my kids to write on the cover I placed packing tape on the top of my collage, now it is shining and it is more difficult to write on.

My message for Becca’s Nurturing Thursday is: “always there is hope and a way to make things better”.

Happy Thursday!

Write’s Quote Wednesday: Virginia

writer's quote 1

This is the first time I’m taking part on the “Write’s Quote Wednesday” event from  Silver Threading. I love the idea of posting a quote and a photo to go with it.

Since this is my first post I decided to pick a quote of one of my favourite woman writers, maybe my favourite one, Virginia Woolf. A woman that for sure was ahead of her time, with a soul so big that her body wasn’t able to keep it.

I love this photo, I took it last week while walking by the river, fog everywhere, and I was walking towards the fog. I love going inside the fog,  all the mystery and secrets hidden in there.

I wish my photo and Virginia’s quote can inspire you to be a better writer.

Please, check Colleen’s blog to know more details of this event.