Nurturing Thursday: Big Picture

IMG_6099I’m enjoying so much Nurturing Thursday’s posts, visiting all these wonderful blogs, and knowing a little big about all the fantastic ladies behind them. And most of all, the lovely comments, inspiration and support I receive on my posts.

I haven’t written about my job on my blog. If you’ve visited my about page you know I’m a biologist. I’d like to share a little bit about it with you.

I’m a cancer biologist, I expend most of my time in my lab doing research and teaching. My research focus on cancer mechanisms. In few words: I’m researching what goes wrong inside the cells that can transform them into cancer cells.

Two years ago I received an award for my research and a grant (money for research) to continue that particular line of research.  As part of this award we need to give talks to the public in general (mostly cancer patients and/or their families). I always become very stressed when I need to give these talks. I don’t have any problem in lecturing, talking in conferences and at universities for a scientific public, where I talk about details of the research. But when I need to look in the eyes of the patients/their families and talk to them it’s completety different, they don’t understand what is going on inside their cells. They want to know what my research will do to their life, how it will help with their treatment, will it cure them? It is on the big picture I need to focus.

Last night I went to a party, a public talk about cancer research. I had tough days this week preparing myself for it. Being inside a lab is one thing, being in public is another. So how could I connect both worlds?

Yesterday morning I posted this photo here in the blog, “survival”. No leaves on the tree, only this little tiny flower, hanging in there, surviving all the wind and cold around. I took this photo on the weekend, the lesson I learned from it is “survival” and with this word I connected my lab research  on the tiny cells with a person fighting to survive.

Little things, or little cells are important in our lifes, we need to understand them, pay attention to them, learn about them, but always keeping in mind the big picture.

The post today was a little long, but I hope you have enjoyed it.

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IMG_6094this little one reminds me of survival.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bare Feet and/or Shoes

IMG_6084   Hubby and I crunching leaves last Saturday. Nothing better than old shoes for this!   cees-fun-foto

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Haiku: Haunt and Release


It is getting close
Haunting day and ghosts release
looking for lost souls



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Autumn Monday

IMG_6103Still dark outside, kids getting ready for school, it’s been a long morning already.

Drinking coffee and planning the day ahead.

Have a nice Monday!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

book coverThis is one of my favourite photos, for sure I’d pick it for my book cover, at the moment an imaginary book, maybe after NaNoWriMo a real one!


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The Lake


PHOTO PROMPT Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman

I should be going, sitting here for so long doesn’t make any sense. He won’t come, all these years I’m waiting for him.

Maybe today is the day! I need to get ready, where is my lipstick? My lips are drying as well my life. My hands are shaking, it’s cold, the storm is coming. I’m sure this is the right lake, the letter was clear, “wait for me by the gray lake”. I’m waiting!

One more day and I’ll go back without him, read the letter again and again, making sure this is the right lake.


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