Monday Musings: Blogging

When I started to blog almost two years ago my intention was to have a place to relax, make friends, and post beautiful photos and nice words. Up to now I’ve made lovely friends and most of my posts have beautiful photos and words.

But blogging isn’t a relaxing task. If you want to keep your community and make more friends you need to answer comments, comment on others posts and join many challenges. I have a 9 to 5 (sometimes 8 to 6) job and others projects that I would like to have more time to work on, like my art journals and writing. So sometimes blogging becomes a stressful task!

But I really love to read and comment on posts; I love to receive comments on my posts, and I really need this space to express myself.

When something is not working we need to make changes. Here are my changes in relation to the blog world:

– Few posts, at least one per week.

– No more challenges.

– Answer the comments on my posts during lunch time.

– Set few hours a week to visit and comment on my friends posts.

I hope these changes will make me more relaxed and blogging more enjoyable. Don’t worry if you don’t see my answer to your comment or my comment on your posts immediately, I’ll eventually catch up.

Have a great week!

Nurturing Thursday: wise

IMG_8481When many words are said

we need to be wise

to choose the ones to keep.

Today I have a meeting and I know lots of people will say things that they shouldn’t say, will ask questions they shouldn’t ask. I’m keeping this card by my agenda, so I can be reminded to “be wise”.

Sharing with my little card and my tiny poem with Nurturing Thursday.

Have a great Thursday and BE WISE!

White flower


A white flower grows in the quietness.

Let your tongue become that flower.


I’m sharing a quote from Rumi for the third and last day of the photo and quote challenge. Rumi lived more than 800 years ago but his poems and quotes are perfect for today’s world. This quote is always in my mind when I’m at my work place, and it has saved me many times.

Thanks again Grace from Grace notes for the invitation. Today I’d like to ask Meredith from Meredith’s Musings to join the challenge. Meredith is a lovely lady and blogger, recently I discovered that she used to be a Librarian, wow! She and her sister Martha always post great poems on Meredith’s blog, and sometimes funny photos together with the poems :) . You should check out Meredith’s blog, I’m sure you will enjoy as much as I do.


“Clouds come floating into my life,

no longer to carry rain or usher storm,

but to add color to my sunset sky.”

Rabindranath Tagore

I took this photo on Sunday when waiting for the sunset. This great quote goes well with the photo.

Thanks again to Grace from Grace Notes for inviting me for this challenge: Post one photo and one quote for 3 days and invite another blogger  to join the challenge. Today I’m inviting Claire from Woman of Art and Mind. I’ve known Claire for almost 2 years since we attended an ecourse together. Claire is a great woman and her blog is wonderful with many beautiful images and quotes. So she is perfect for this challenge. She is very busy right now, she is challenge herself to post a collage everyday during June. And she is keeping up! You should check her blog to have a look at her beautiful work. I hope she has time to join the challenge and share some of her creativity with us.

Summer Solstice

 “We just act in our true way and do not draw back from or hide our natural beauty.

Like the creatures, we just are, and it is right”

Women who run with the wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I’ve been invited by my dear friend Grace from Grace notes to join this challenge: a photo and a quote for 3 days and nominate another blogger each day.

Yesterday was Summer Solstice, I went to the park to watch the sunset, the evening was perfect! I sat under my big tree and enjoyed a lovely sunset. Nature was screaming around me: the river was glorious, strong with lots of waves, the wind was refreshing, the moon was smiling, the trees dancing, and the birds flying everywhere, and of course Mr Sun perfomed a wonderful show. This precious feather was on my way. All this reminded me that I’m part of this show too.

My first quote couldn’t be from another book, it had to be from my favourite one, where woman and nature are one.

Thanks Grace for inviting me and I’d like to invite Wendy from Ramblings and Musings, her blog is lovely and I remember that I started to follow her blog because her great quotes.

Happy new season to you!

Wordless Wednesday: With words

I shouldn’t add words since it’s a wordless wednesday, but I need to say something. Today I woke up very early and when I arrived at the park some of the birds were still sleeping on the grass. These ones on the photo were enjoying the sunrise.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunrise and art page

The sun is out today, we had 2 days of rain and cloudy sky. I woke up early and went to the river to see the sunrise. A perfect morning! Sunshine and the smell of wet earth, the trees were glorious. All the colours around me were vibrating: green, blue, brown, tiny yellow and pink wild flowers, and the yellowish of the sun.

I arrived at home inspired and I worked on this art page.

Sunshine art page

I hope you like it and be inspired too. Don’t forget that today is New Moon, a time to renew and start over.